iPad 3 inside 2011, Massive Screen Resolution in Tow

With the iPad 2 having been released now for what seems like an eternity, it's certainly time for the media to crank up the rumor mill for the iPad 3, right? Of course it is, and what better way to do it than to once again hypothesize that this re-up of the most popular tablet in the world will be inside 2011, and will be dropping in your lap with an absolutely gigantic 5x improved screen resolution attached for another big hit in the collective faces of its competitors? There is no better way than that, and no questioning that this is a possibility for Apple this year, except for the basic common sense that notes that it is, indeed out of the question.

These rumors come from none other than your favorite, Rueters, who have also published word that the next MacBook Air upgrade will be shipping in late June with 380,000 as its first run. This report comes from Quanta Computer in Taiwan, aka the world's top PC contract maker who, wouldn't you know it, manufactures for Apple and grew 2.5 mid-stock-session after the report was released. In similar news Catcher Technology, who creates casings for Apple, rose nearly as much at 1.9 percent in the market.

Word of the iPad 3 came through Rueters via The Economic Daily, a newspaper of some note that originally reported that the iPad would be a tablet, not a laptop, but that also reported that a 7-inch iPad would be out by Christmas 2010. Their newest word on the iPad 3 is certainly a doozy of a rumor, but it is worth noting that even at 5x the resolution the iPad is now, it'd still have a lower pixels per inch rate than the iPhone currently has.

We're guessing that the resolution will indeed be increased or improved somehow by the time this device rolls around, and that it will dropping inside of 2012, not 2011 at all. MacBook Air reboot inside 2011? Sure thing!

[via Rueters]