Introducing Neals: one Nerd Rapper's aim for a multimedia retrofuture

Introducing Neals – an hour-long musical animated movie based on a Nerd Rap musical experience. It launches today. It's the 5th of November, and this date hasn't been chosen randomly. Just like the real Guy Fawkes Day, and previous celebrations, today was chosen by YT Cracker to exemplify the outline of the story he's attempting to tell. Introducing Neals is a "retrofuture," says Bryce Case JR, aka YT Cracker, a place where you'll hear the story of "the open source movement, hacktivism, government surveillance, and net neutrality with familiar 1980s tropes and familiar 1980s corniness."

The album is out. It's a full 24-track album that includes breaks and story in-betweens. You can listen to the entire album through Bandcamp right this minute here or purchase it in its entirety from several major music networks.

You'll be able to chat direct with YT Cracker via Reddit in his own AMA (Ask Me Anything) starting at 3PM Eastern Time, November 5th, 2014.

Highest-quality FLAC, MP3, and more are included with the Bandcamp release, and it'll run you $15 USD.

The movie explores the album in a vein very similar to the way Daft Punk released Interstella 5555 to compliment their album Discovery.

YT Cracker imagines the visual realization of Introducing Neals with the help of Iluzija Animation Studio.

The first video you're going to want to check out shares the name of the album. "INTRODUCING NEALS" drives in on a prison island where digital outlaw "Neals" is being held for unknown crimes.

The rest of the album and the extended film is a prequel to this first segment. The rest of the film will explore what got Neals caught.

Above you'll see the final product – below you'll see the animatic.

Behold, retrofuture's Washington DC, called Capitol City, and the city of San Secuestro. Kidnapping and Seizure are implied as this fictional hybrid of Miami and San Francisco take shape in the telling of this story of a world gone wrong.

The year is 2015 – not that far off.

You'll see The Syndicate lobbying for control of all major telecom companies.

You'll see The Syndicate's top executive appointed to the head of the Federal Bureau of Telecommunications (NSA/FBI/FCC hybrid).

You'll see referential documentation of everything we've been speaking about over the past several years – NSA, big government, privacy invasion, hacking, and everything terrifying in-between. All of this madness animated before your eyes.

Below you'll see another example of an animatic set to be turned into final product.

Bryce Case JR aka YT Cracker is aiming to produce the rest of this epic adventure with the help of the audience – I.E. you. Through Indegogo, he'll be able to make that a reality. Provided in return are music disks, movie disks, special engagements, and even a special edition cassette, if you do so dare.