Instagram active users slams Twitter by 2x

The folks at Instagram have announced that they've hit a major milestone in the brief history of their existence. They've racked up a cool 700-million monthly active users, with growth between 600M and 700M happening at a rate greater than any other 100M span they had before. Of course there were other major events in the history of this photo-based app, but none so supermassive as their most recent set of four months.

All the way back in the year 2010, Instagram launched on the iPhone as an iOS-exclusive app. It was almost two full years before the Android device universe was given the chance to use the full Instagram experience. While Instagram gathered its first 5 million users in around a year, once Android joined the party, the size of the community exploded.

This is all according to Instagram's own reported statistics, mind you. According to Instagram, their biggest event in growth-splosion was the multi-happening in April of 2012. It was that month that Instagram launched on Android, 1-million Android users signed up in a 24-hour span, and the company was acquired by Facebook. It was like Instagram was hitting multiple home-runs in a row.

Users are now able to run Instagram on their PC, Android, and iOS, and in web browsers, too. There are live videos in the USA, Instagram Direct disappearing photos and videos, and a few more filters here and there (as per usual). There's also a bunch of cool new tools that Instagram won't let you use!

According to Twitter's most recent earnings report, they've got approximately 328-million total monthly active users. That's less than half of what Instagram suggests they're running with. Keeping up with trends and offering loads of new bits of functionality over the past several months certainly seems to be paying off for the picture-sharer.