HTC Runnymede, Aka HTC Bass, Leaks In Demo Video

What you're about to see is a video showing off the HTC Runnymede, a device which will be released in the near future complimented by HTC's newest business partner in Dr. Dre's Beats audio integration. This is a smartphone with a massive 4.7-inch display, a white front and back, and Android 2.3.x Gingerbread. We saw it first back on September 12th, saw a whole stack of specs the very next day, and a whisper somewhere between there and here noting that this device would be called "HTC Bass" when released to the public. Today there's a video of someone who happens to have gotten their hands on one, flipping it about and taking us on a tour of it's version of HTC Sense 3.5 for the camera.

This device is set for a very possible late September or early October release and will be amongst the first to work with Beats integration. We've still to find out exactly what that means – unless, of course, you count the release of the HTC Sensation XE, an upgraded version of the already released device, this new version given the hands-on treatment by Chris Davies just a few days ago. Take a peek at this paragraph about the Beats integration, then head down to the Runnymede video and see how you like it:

The big change, beyond the CPU, is the audio. Beats Audio has had three main parts to play in the Sensation XE: the bundled headphones, the DSP and the audio profiles. Gone is the janky, throwaway hands-free kit you'd normally find packed in a new cellphone box, replaced by a tangle-free rubberized Beats set in eye-catching red, with an in-line remote – for answering calls as well as controlling media playback – and comfortable earbuds with a selection of three different sized tips. They're a welcome change from what would normally be included, certainly, with plenty of bass and solid mids and trebles.

Here's the video of the Runnymede – aka the Bass:

Looks to me, by the carrier above the time, vodafone UK, that this device will be coming to England first. Look like a winner, the winner for you?