HP TouchPad backorders shipping in 6 to 8 weeks

HP sent an email to customers today, informing them of a 6- to 8-week wait for the backordered HP TouchPad tablets. The tablet has been sold out at retailers and on HP's website after the $99 fire sale that followed HP's announcement of discontinuing WebOS. Many customers that ordered through HP at the fire sale pricing are still waiting for the device as HP plans one last production run.

Rumors began last week that HP would produce another batch of HP TouchPads or even possibly resurrect the tablet. The supply side was stuck with excess inventory, said to include components for 100,000 units of the HP TouchPad Go, a 7-inch version that will no longer see the light of day. HP promptly confirmed that it would indeed be running one last production of the HP TouchPad tablets, a move possibly to appease its supplier relationships.

It's believed that the production would begin in October, which fits in with the 6 to 8 week time frame listed in the email sent to HP's small and medium business customers today. The email also assures customers that HP intends to fulfill the existing orders at the discounted fire sale pricing. Sales at the reduced price are non-returnable, but customers can cancel their orders as long as they respond within a week.

Efforts to port Android on to the HP TouchPad are already underway, with the latest progress being multitouch support. You can see a video of an early CyanogenMod Android port on the HP TouchPad here.

[via PreCentral]