HP TouchPad gets Android port multitouch support

I would wager that none of the hard-core tech guys and gals were surprised that the HP TouchPad with webOS failed. I think most of us knew that would happen when we first heard that webOS was coming to a tablet. I never understood why HP though with the WebOS smartphones not doing well that a tablet would do well. If you are the owner of a TouchPad, there is a lot of work on getting the tablet to run Android underway. Early ports like the CyanogenMod could boot, but the touchscreen didn't function.

Thankfully, that massive and glaring omission has now been fixed and we have the video proof below. Team-TouchDrioid has successfully activated ten-point multitouch on the TouchPad. In the video you can see that the touch control works and things appear to be working quickly too. Before you get too excited, you do need to know that the project for the port is still not 100%.

Still, the project is moving along. It's great to see that people who bought the TouchPad will get to continue using them as Android devices with full functionality eventually. Check out the video to see the touchscreen support in action. What other features would you like to see in a port of Android to the TouchPad? Will you buy one of the bargain basement TouchPads now thanks to the Android port coming?

[via Android Community]