Here’s all the Microsoft Surface videos from today’s huge event

Eric Abent - Oct 2, 2019, 2:47pm CDT
Here’s all the Microsoft Surface videos from today’s huge event

Today’s Surface event was quite the show, with Microsoft revealing a bunch of new devices. Some of these, such as the new Surface Laptop and the next Surface Pro, were expected reveals, while others like the Surface Duo came as more of a surprise. Regardless of the reveal, Microsoft had a flashy video to go along with each, and we’ve collected them all here for you to peruse.

If you missed today’s show, consider this a quick refresher on everything that was revealed. Of course, these videos don’t go into depth about the products they center on, so we’ll be linking to our coverage of today’s event alongside them so you can get the complete picture.

Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft’s first reveal of the day was the Surface Laptop 3, which was accompanied by the minute-and-a-half video you see above. The video chooses to focus on the Surface Laptop 3’s larger trackpad, fast charging capabilities, 15-inch form factor, and modular design, among other things. Check out our hands-on with the Surface Laptop 3 for more on Microsoft’s newest computer.

Surface Pro 7

One of the other device reveals we were expecting going in was that of the Surface Pro 7. Sure enough, that’s precisely what we got, with Microsoft revealing the new device shortly after pulling the veil back on the Surface Laptop 3. The video above covers some of the upgrades that are packed into the Surface Pro 7, but if you want to know more specifics, you can take a peek at our hands-on with the device.

Surface Earbuds

After confirming those two new devices, Microsoft switched gears for a bit and announced the Surface Earbuds, the next device in the Surface Audio line. These are wireless earbuds that feature integration with both Spotify and Microsoft Office, with gesture controls available for each. They’re expensive, but if you spend a lot of time working in Office and its various apps, they might be worth the purchase price. Like the Surface Laptop 3 and the Pro 7, we had a chance to spend some hands-on time with these, and you can read more about that here.

Surface Pro X

Those who are looking for a little more than what the Surface Pro 7 has to offer might be better served with taking a look at the Surface Pro X. The new device can connect to LTE so you always (or almost always) have an internet connection, and it comes packing Microsoft’s rechargeable Surface Slim pen. You can even connect it to dual 4K external displays if you need a little more screen real estate. Like many of the other devices revealed today, we’ve gone hands-on with the Surface Pro X too, so check that out for more information.

Surface Neo

This is where Microsoft’s show started to get a little crazy. Microsoft made a surprise reveal of the Surface Neo, a dual-screen folding tablet/laptop hybrid device that’s pretty much all screen on the inside. With a magnetically attaching pen and a flip over keyboard, the Surface Neo definitely seems like a cool-yet-expensive device.

Surface Duo

As if the folding Surface Neo wasn’t enough, Microsoft had one more surprise up its sleeve with the Surface Duo. This is the long-fabled Surface Phone in all its folding glory, running Android to boot. It looks quite a bit larger than many of the folding phones hitting shelves this year, but unfortunately, we’ve got a while to wait yet, as the Surface Duo and the Surface Neo won’t be out until holiday 2020.


All in all, Microsoft had a packed event today, full of devices we were expecting and few that caught us by surprise. We’ll look forward to learning more about the Surface Duo and Neo as time goes on, but for now, there are plenty of Surface devices on the horizon as-is. If you missed today’s event, you can watch the whole thing from start to finish with the video embedded above.

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