Surface Pro X hands-on and first impressions

Chris Burns - Oct 2, 2019, 11:04am CDT
Surface Pro X hands-on and first impressions

With the Surface Pro X, Microsoft’s taken a new approach to the Surface brand with this piece of hardware. They’ve still got the kickstand, they’re still suggesting that users work with a Surface Pen, but something’s changed. With the imagery used to promote this device, you’ll notice that the focus on Windows is ever-so-slightly de-focused. This is a far more mobile situation.

This Surface device is capable of running a wide variety of apps and is intended for use at a variety of angles. If you take a look at the latest smart-connecting keyboard for this device, you’ll see what I mean. Notice how the Surface Pen has its own little snug bin there at the head of the keyboard.

Most Surface devices in the past relied on the possibility that a magnetic connection between the side of the Surface and the Surface Pen would keep the Surface Pen safe. I’ve seen reviews all over the board when it comes to this point – but when I’ve put that magnet connection to use in the real world – in my backpack – it didn’t exactly do the trick.

Now, with a simple re-fitting of the latest version of the Surface Pen, this new Surface device is capable of keeping the stylus safe when not in use. The smart keyboard cover – which connects with a magnet system of its own that’s never failed me in any previous-generation Surface device – is ready to do double-duty.

If this so-simple-it-works attitude from Microsoft’s industrial designers for Surface is any indication, Surface will soon be a whole lot bigger threat to every other hardware brand in the world.

The Surface Pro X will be made available starting on November 5, 2019. This device will have preorders starting today. Microsoft’s base configuration for this device will be approximately $999 USD. Stay tuned for our eventual full review!

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