HBO Go confirmed for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 to follow suit

HBO has just announced a treat that would be coming soon to Sony's gaming crowd. Though no definite date has been set, the popular HBO Go app will soon be available on the PlayStation 3. This will then be followed with availability on the PlayStation 4, hopefully not long after.

HBO has lately been trying to make strides in the realm of digital streaming. It doesn't really have much of a choice in the face of growing competition from the likes of Netflix. Of course, HBO has in its hands a collection of exclusive content that still keeps it from becoming irrelevant, but the changing face of the market and consumer preferences and habits is somewhat threatening its core business. It might just have to become the next Netflix to survive.

HBO will continue to offer subscription-based cable services, no doubt about that. But it has lately opened its doors to providing its content through other channels as well, in particular through its HBO Go streaming service. Early last year, HBO Go gained support for AirPlay, pointing to future compatibility with Apple TV. Before the year was over, HBO Go also descended on Google's entire ecosystem, becoming available on Google Play Store, Android, Chrome, and Chromecast.

Soon, HBO will be expanding its reach to gaming consoles. The HBO Go app will first be arriving on PlayStation 3 before it goes to the PlayStation 4. It is somewhat a perplexing move, considering all the buzz is around the latest gen console, but it also makes sense since the user base of PlayStation 3 is currently still larger. These users will soon be able to access their favorite HBO series, such as Game of Thrones or Boardwalk Empire, right from their console, without having to switch TV sources.

Of course, PlayStation owners still need to have an HBO subscription in order to have access, since this is the current arrangement with the HBO Go service, which is practically just an extension of one's HBO subscription. That said, there might be some hope that HBO Go could soon be offered standalone without a cable subscription, if the rumors prove to be true.