Harman announces the future of connected vehicle audio platforms

Harman is preaching to car lovers and audio enthusiasts with its newest array of connected audio innovations. Debuting today at the HARMAN ExPLORE virtual event are the Live Interactive Virtual Experience (L.I.V.E) and Personal Audio Headrest platforms, showcased by Harman via its Drive-Live Concert ExP conceptual in-car experience.

"With traditional live events being put on pause, the demand for live music experiences is higher than ever," said Frank Moffa, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Harman Car Audio. "As a result, we've entered a new era of music enjoyment, with live concert-streaming and drive-in concerts taking center stage."

Harman's newest L.I.V.E and Personal Audio Headrest are applicable at home, in the car, and while on the go. Both platforms aim to provide a more immersive and connected listening experience with varying levels of personalization.

"At Harman, we understand that music and experience are deeply intertwined," added Moffa. "Our commitment to ensuring the greatest experiences-per-mile is brought to life through our latest audio innovations, ensuring fans can enjoy that undeniable energy and magic of a live performance no matter where they are."

Live Interactive Virtual Experience (L.I.V.E) is like a social media platform for live performances. The platform enables both remote and socially distant concert fans to interact with the venue, artists, and the music from virtually anywhere – your living room, in the car, or while jogging around the block.

L.I.V.E. allows concert viewers to interact with the artists by requesting new songs, voting for the next song to be played, or ask for specific instruments to be featured in the next solo act. In return, the artist/s can respond to fans, give shout-outs, or play the most requested song from viewers alike.

In essence, L.I.V.E. aims to duplicate the full concert-going experience, an activity most affected by today's burgeoning COVID-19 pandemic. According to Harman, their newest connected audio innovations will recapture the engagement of a live concert. With L.I.V.E., viewers can select from multiple camera angles inside the venue, including a close-up of musicians or the lead singer.

Meanwhile, the Personal Audio Headrest system features the most advanced audio features on the market, said Harman, and is now available to integrate into new OEM vehicles. The platform offers individualized sound zones and adjustable surround sound settings. Personal Audio Headrest Plus adds mechanized wings in the headrest for a more immersive listening experience.

"Powered by decades of acoustic expertise combined with our leading connected technologies, the vehicle can be transformed into the embodiment of a live concert with features that only Harman can deliver," concluded Hoffa.