Google Pixel XL 2 Gets Even Bigger (6P Size Returns!)

The next big Google phone, likely called Google Pixel XL 2, seems to be getting as big as the company's original huge phone: the Nexus 6P. This week speculation came of the cancellation of the mid-sized Pixel 2 thanks to a series of insider tips (linked below). Because Google's been working on three new devices for the next wave, instead of two, the cutting out of the mid-sized device won't have that giant an effect on the everyday average consumer. We'll weep for the lack of a 5.5-inch display, but the device we'll get will probably be better off for it.

There's no good reason to suspect that the smaller of the two Pixel smartphones released this year will be all that wild. Compared to past Nexus smartphones, the Pixel wasn't mind-blowingly game-changing in its hardware. It was in the software implementation and the diligent work of Google's engineers on pairing software with hardware that did the trick.

With the Pixel 2, we'll likely see a very functional device, just as we did with the Pixel. Where the change will come in play is in the Pixel 2 XL. Just so we're clear here, the names of these devices has not yet been revealed by Google, so it's more speculative than anything. We do have some clues as to the working schedule of Google's software team – which in turn gives us further reinforcement for the anonymous tips shared earlier this week.

Looking to the very public Android Open Source Project Gerrit for Android code commits this week, several things are clear. It's clear that the device called "Muskie" (aka likely Pixel 2 XL) had been used in testing code several times a day for the past few weeks almost without fail. While Muskie continued to appear through yesterday morning, it's not been used in the past 24 hours or so, as of publishing time for this article.

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Meanwhile the name "Taimen" just started showing up again. It's in regular testing and has been today in earnest. Before that, Taimen had been used on the 13th of June, May 26th, 19th, and 15th, and April 21, 17, 5, and 4. Between the 4th of April and the 26th of May, Taimen appeared in a total of 14 code edits. In the past two days, Taimen has appeared in another 14 code edits.

It's pretty clear that Taimen development has been kicked into gear. And what's that mean for what we can expect for the device that'll probably still be called Google Pixel XL 2? If the rumors about LG being Google's pick for this round of devices, or even just the larger of the two, it'll mean some awesome display action.

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