Google Glass chats with VSP Global for doctor's approval

The world of wearables – specifically with Google Glass – isn't exactly a widely accepted one as of yet. That may all change in the near future as Google has been chatting with the eye care insurance group VSP Global, making a plan for the future in which training optometrists in fitting patients with Glass could become a reality. At the moment, Glass is fitted to users as their own separate piece of hardware while prescription lenses are still only in their infancy.

As we spoke about earlier this year at Google I/O with some of Google Glass's own original designers, The actual Glass unit is a relatively small part of the full headset as it exists today. This easily detachable piece contains the entire computing unit, touchpad, camera, and lens that makes up Google Glass – moving this to a pair of unique lenses should be relatively easy.

In reality, the world of prescription glasses is one that rests in the realm of optometrists. Google speaking with VSP Global means that the company will be working with doctors and the people who know eyes best. This opens up the world of Glass to our everyday common lenses of all types.

Meanwhile the Google Glass program is still just in its infancy, so to speak. Still in a pilot program, Google has for the past year been supporting Glass for developers specifically. Users of the hardware have – for the most part – been part of a grand experiment leading toward a real consumer release. We'll see Google Glass available in the retail realm inside 2014 – more than likely.

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VIA: Wall Street Journal