Galaxy S10 details begin to spill in color, in specs

This morning a few different looks at the Samsung Galaxy S10 appeared from a variety of sources. The fact that we're seeing new sorts of leaks isn't a shock – we've seen leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S10 now for several months. What is a shock is that the first of these sorts of information spills is so... blatant.

Just about one month ago we were treated to one of the strangest looking smartphones to which we've ever been privy. That was the Samsung Galaxy A9, a device with four camera lenses on its back. What on earth was Samsung thinking, we thought, and why did they arrange those cameras in such a way – why not in a square? Of course this obfuscated the other major point of the phone: releasing Samsung's newest way to color a phone.

ABOVE: The Samsung Galaxy S9 in Ice Blue – new this week in China.

We're well aware of the fact that Samsung's bringing their newest and most excellent top-tier smartphone features to non-AAA phones before they hit their heroes. It was in September of 2018 when the comment was made by Samsung mobile division chief DJ Koh. As such, we're aware that we'll probably see most – if not all – of the Galaxy S10's features on non-hero phones before they hit the big-time.

As such, the following rings true. First we heard of the gradient color scheme in leaks for the S10, then on the Galaxy A9, then today on a new launch. The newest launch is a new color scheme for the Samsung Galaxy S9 in China. This is what's roughly translated as "Ice Blue."

Then there's a few details suggested by leakster Evan Blass over on Twitter. His suggestions tip a reality in which Samsung basically revealed their secrets at their Samsung Developer Conference last week – more or less.

This Galaxy S10 would have an Infinity-O type display, with a hole in its corner, cut right through the display. This wouldn't be a major shock, as Samsung showed said sort of display whilst demonstrating its foldable display. The cameras on the back, apparently numbering 3 (probably on the most expensive model), are also less than shocking – if we believe the leaks from the past few weeks, that is to say.

The fact that the phone would have Android 9 Pie at launch should be expected – the same for the new "One UI" branded user interface, first revealed at last week's Samsung Developer Conference, too.

We're expecting that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be revealed in full during Mobile World Congress 2019. It'd likely be shown on the 24th of February, one day before the full MWC 2019 events – but we'll see!