Tipped Galaxy S10 colors challenge iPhone XR

Chris Burns - Oct 25, 2018, 2:19 pm CDT
Tipped Galaxy S10 colors challenge iPhone XR

To the surprise of a select few, the Samsung Galaxy S10 had a bit of a leak today. This leak showed the many colors with which the Samsung Galaxy S10 would be delivered. In a shock notation the likes of which likely knocked the socks off the entire universe, it was suggested that the Galaxy S10 would come in an array of colors that’d likely do REALLY WELL to take on the colors with which Apple launched the iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR was revealed by Apple this Fall in the colors white, black, blue, yellow, coral, and (PRODUCT)RED. According to @OnLeaks on Twitter, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 will launch with the colors black, blue, yellow, grey, red, and green. That’s down from previous rumors that suggested Samsung was working with NINE options for color – that wouldn’t be entirely off-key for Samsung, so long as they were released throughout the year instead of all at once.

Samsung’s released all of these colors in the past – save the yellow – in one form or another. They’ve also released the Galaxy S in white – which makes me think they’ll keep the white version for the more elite version of the device, while these colors will stay reserved for the least of the three. That’d match up with what Apple did – and would not be a massive shock to the system.

The same leakster also mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy A8s “is planned to come in ‘only’ 3 color options.” Those would be Silver, Green, and Blue. That’s like a Galaxy Note 9 initial launch setup – with an extra color to boot!

For more information on this subject, head to the timeline below. We recently ran down all the suspected specifications of the Galaxy S10, the larger Galaxy S10 Plus, and the lesser Galaxy S10 (whatever it’s name is). The picture is becoming more clear each day – prepare yourselves for February 24th, 2019, the most likely reveal day of them all!

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