GALAXY S 4 now one of seven AWS-capable devices on Verizon

Though it was reported earlier this week that the Samsung GALAXY S 4 would be the first device on the market with the ability to work with Verizon's next-generation mobile data network via AWS, it's become apparent that this device is not alone. Straight from Verizon this afternoon comes word that there are actually seven devices already on the market with the ability to work with their AWS band when it's activated later this year.

In addition to the Samsung GALAXY S 4, the Nokia Lumia 928 is able to work with Verizon's AWS, and the BlackBerry Q10 (launching with Verizon soon) will work with AWS as well. Verizon's quote includes word of some unnamed devices we can figure out based on their current in-store supply as well.

NOTE: We've also reached out to Verizon once again to clarify which specific devices are being referred to in this list.

"Seven 4G LTE devices with AWS-capability are being sold by Verizon Wireless today. They include two Samsung 10-inch tablets, two jetpacks, a USB, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Nokia 928 Lumia. They will utilize the AWS band when it is activated later this year. The BlackBerry Q10, which launches soon, will also be AWS-capable.

The first device with AWS capability was put on the market in November of last year. Most of our 4G LTE devices going forward will be AWS-capable. They will require an over the air upgrade that we will push out once 4G LTE service on AWS spectrum is activated later this year." – Verizon Spokesperson

As AWS is activated later this year, Verizon will make clear which devices wont (very few, if any) and which devices will be able to work with it. Verizon has been picking up AWS for many months now, with plans to expand and strengthen their wireless network in large cities line New York City first and forward similar to their initial push for 4G LTE several years ago.