Galaxy Note II glows powerful in massive water art project

It's time to bust out the fabulously gigantic smartphone known as the Samsung Galaxy Note II to bring on a rather impressive bit of interactive water art. Artists and designers at Steak Studio have used the Galaxy Note II and its build-in S-Pen to create a pool of water that blasts forth waves wirelessly, showing all manner of designs in the wetness. This project took 10 days to create and was made to cross-promote Samsung's device and the group that's working with it to create beautiful splashing letterforms.

What you're seeing here is a continuation of the connections Samsung has made with artists, designers, and musicians to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note II as a creative machine. We've seen Kanye West, Futura 2000, and an ever-expanding collection of creative people brought in by Samsung to keep this next-generation device in the forefront of your mind – and here comes another. Steak Studio's Director Daniel Kupfer is at the head of this project.

Kupfer made it clear that the Galaxy Note II wasn't just a device his group was sponsored by for this video, but a device they use on the regular as well. "The Galaxy Note II is a fantastic device that gave us all the computing power required and the ease to bridge things together with zero hassle", said Kupfer. The video you're seeing above was created by Jam and directed by James Morton-Hamworth from Grama Film.

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