Galaxy Note 20 leaks point to delight, but not surprise

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and related devices were leaked several times over the past few weeks and months. The leaks painted a picture of a device that encapsulates the upgrade cycle that's become par for the course for some of the biggest winners and most unexciting brands in the smartphone market over the past half-decade. The Galaxy Note 20 will likely be great, but it won't likely be surprising.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20's leaks thus far haven't been surprising in the least. We're to understand that the device family will have display sizes much like those released last year, with front-facing camera punch-holes that might be a tiny bit smaller than they were last year. The Galaxy Note 10 is a highly decent phone that didn't disappoint for sales in 2019, so why change, right?

The Galaxy Note 20 will likely come in new colors than before – they might release a model with a new accent color. If what we've seen with the Galaxy S10 series is any indication, the Galaxy Note 20 will be available in colors like the following:

Likely Galaxy Note 20 family colors:

- Cosmic Gray

- Cloud Blue

- Cloud Pink

- Cosmic Black

- Aura Blue

Leaks suggest a modest upgrade from the Galaxy Note 10, something along the lines of a cross between the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Indications point to the display on the Galaxy Note 20 coming with a 6.5-inch display, while the Galaxy Note 20+ will likely match the display of the Galaxy S20 Ultra with a 6.9-inch display.

The big bump from the Galaxy Note 10 to the Galaxy Note 20 will likely be in the display's image refresh rate. Where we're talking 60Hz normally, with all previous Galaxy Note devices, here we're more likely looking at a 120Hz@FHD/60Hz@QHD refresh rate, like the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The Galaxy Note 20 family of devices is generally scheduled for reveal and release in August. They've released the Galaxy Note around the same time every year since the launch of the product. But now, this year, here in 2020, there's a distinct possibility that the Galaxy Note 20 (and friends, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2,) could launch around July.

That's not particularly far off from previous years – but we're living in a strange time right now. What better time than now to change the schedule up a bit? And why not go ahead and make a few big changes to the S Pen while you're at it?

Take a peek at the timeline of tips and leaks below, and stay tuned as we continue to examine what's rumored, leaked, and tipped by insider sources for this next-generation big-time AAA Samsung smartphone collection. The Galaxy Note 20 is just one of a set of new phones that'll be released in the second half of the year 2020, if all goes according to leaks!