Galaxy Note 20 Ultra leak looks like it'll outdo "too much"

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leak today is based on a variety of tips and rumors from the past several weeks. Based on what we know already, and based on precedent, it should be no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 stands a good chance of out-doing the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra in more ways than one. For example the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will likely have the most expensive base configuration cost of any Samsung Galaxy S/Note family phone ever.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra "concept based on the latest rumors" comes from Concept Creator in collaboration with LetsGoDigital. You'll find several iterations of this device – color-wise – with a silver version, a Pink / Purple version, and a black version in a line. The gray (or silver) version has blue accents, including a blue S Pen, like a previous iteration or two over the last couple of years.

This device sports a single forehead circle punch-hole in its Samsung "Infinity" display, allowing room for the device's main front-facing camera. Other sensors quite likely appear under the display or just above the display in the very small space between the display's edge and the top of the phone.

At the top, you'll find a SIM card tray with a hole for a pin that'll allow the tray to extend out. This tray will also likely have a spot for a microSD card for media storage expansion. This device has a single microphone hole at its top as well.

The pill shape at the head of the Galaxy Note 20 concept here is quite likely intended to represent an IR-blaster. With an IR-blaster, this smartphone will be able to control your television and/or other devices normally controlled with infra-red controllers. This might make its way to the USA, might not. IR-blasters were in vogue for a while a few years ago, then left again – they're so extremely useful, it'd be a welcome change to see Samsung make them standard.

The bottom of this device has a microphone hole, a USB-C port, a speaker grille, and an S-Pen housing. The two lines at the bottom of the device are antennae. This Galaxy Note 20 smartphone won't likely have a standard headphone jack.

The back-facing camera array on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will have at least as impressive a set of cameras as those delivered with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. That means a whole lot of ZOOM. That means too much power for any reasonable smartphone user.

JUST ABOVE AND BELOW you'll see photos of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra from our Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review. Tap the link above to see the entirety of said review. It contains an embarrassment of riches.

It's not unreasonable to expect that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra would have a display capable of 120Hz image refresh rate. Much like the Galaxy S20 Ultra, we'll expect this refresh rate to be set to be activated only SOME of the time, to avoid speedy battery drain.

The differences between this Galaxy Note 20 Ultra device and the Ultra device Samsung delivered earlier this year will be... few. More than likely, the devices will be exceedingly similar, with improvements mostly reserved for the S Pen – the most unique element in the Galaxy Note line.

We're expecting the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to be revealed in August of 2020. September, 2020, is where the Samsung Galaxy S20 will likely be released, just before Apple reveals their 2020 collection of higher-end iPhone devices in October. Take a peek at the timeline of links below to gain further insight into the abilities of this upcoming Galaxy Note 20 collection.