Galaxy Note 20 leak tells a big plastic tale

A leak of a single piece of plastic today tells a story of the future of Samsung's future top-tier smartphone lineup. This single piece of plastic shows the most significant elements of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, both front and back. We can glean that this device has a rectangular backside camera array with rounded corners – this indicates the path Samsung will take with consideration for their most recently released Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will most likely look like a cross between the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S20. The device casing shown in the leak today shows how the machine will have a volume rocker and a home button on the right, and a significantly sized battery in generally the same location as the Galaxy Note 10.

Per the leaker – Roland Quandt from WinFuture – this is the mold for an inlay for the official Samsung Galaxy Note 11 Plus. It's interesting that Quandt suggests that this device will be called Galaxy Note 11, rather than Galaxy Note 20. This would differentiate the names for the Note series and the Galaxy S series – but it'd be counter to Samsung's strategy with naming conventions for the past half-decade.

UPDATE: The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – as Quandt also calls it – is shown here in a bit of hardware made FOR Samsung. This plastic was made for the official LED View Cover for the Galaxy Note 20. That means it's probably a bit larger than the actual smartphone – but not by much.

We've seen precious little of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 for leaks thus far – not surprising, since the Galaxy S20 only came out relavitely recently and the entire globe is currently subject to pandemic. COVID-19 might also change the way in which Samsung releases smartphones in the near future, but assuming this test plastic is an indicator of Samsung's timeline, things seem to still be ON schedule.

If schedules stick, this would indicate that the Galaxy Note 20 would come at a time similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10's reveal and release. That'd mean August of 2020, early August for the reveal and late August for the release.