Galaxy Nexus found on Verizon MAP for November 10 at $299

It appears that there's a rat in the house at Verizon, vermin just loving the idea of letting loose some key information on future products via a MAP which includes not only the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but a device by the name of HTC Rezound as well. These two devices will be released on the 10th of November if this little chart is to be believed, and both of them will be priced at $299.99 right out of the gate. Judging by the rest of the items on the chart, it appears that this price may well be the price ON a 2-year contract – but of course it's the name that counts the most, isn't it – Galaxy Nexus. Sounds kinda tasty, doesn't it?

The HTC Rezound has also been called the HTC Vigor in the past, a device that comes with Beats enhancements and official earbuds to bring you the hottest sounds on the block – but we've yet to confirm that they're one in the same. Meanwhile go ahead and have yourself a look at the HTC Sensation XL while you're waiting on the rest of the states-bound Beats devices from HTC. And send a note to whoever you can asking when Detox is coming out, while you're at it.

Then there's that Galaxy Nexus. Oh how we've waited for thee. This is the device, if our suspicions are correct, that'll usher in the Ice Cream Sandwich of the Android world. Chances are that this is the device we'll be seeing LIVE IN HONG KONG next week at the Samsung / Google event. This event will be taking place at 10AM October 19th in China, this also corresponding with 10PM Eastern time in the states on October 18th. China is in the future, and we'll be there to bring you to lowdown from start to finish, including some hands-on time with the newest Android on the block. Head to our Android portal to catch the whole sweet mess!

[via DroidLife]