Everrati Signature is a classic widebody Porsche 911 powered by electricity

German performance automaker Porsche has made it clear that the 911 will be the last in the portfolio to receive an all-electric powertrain. However, that's not stopping conversion specialists like Everrati from creating an all-electric 911. The car you see here is the Everrati Signature, a 964-based EV with carbon body panels and the soul of a vintage Porsche.

"Using modern engineering techniques and integrating advanced EV powertrains, we further enhance each car's performance, yet ensuring they have a similar driving feel with weight distribution – and overall weight – mirroring that of the original," said Justin Lunny, Everrati CEO. "This enables automotive icons like the 964 Porsche 911 to be reborn for the coming age of zero-emission mobility, yet with the soul intact."

The Everrati Signature has genuine Porsche widebody bumpers combined with carbon wings to give it that unmistakable broad-shouldered look. The doors and bonnet are also carbon-fiber to reduce weight, while customers can commission a carbon-fiber roof. With these mods, the Signature is significantly lighter than a stock 964.

Under the hood, you won't find a 250-horsepower 3.6-liter flat-six. Instead, Everrati Signature has an electric motor driving the rear wheels and a 53 kWh battery pack, pumping out 500 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. Everrati claims a zero to 60 mph run in 4.0-seconds flat and a driving range of 150 miles. The batteries accept DC charging to replenish the juice from 10-percent to full in just over an hour.

"One of the values that attracted me to Everrati was the obsessive level of detail the company goes to ensure that its EV technology is integrated sympathetically," said Mike Kerr, Director of Engineering at Everrati and formerly working for Lotus. "The transformation to electric power also involves the optimization of weight distribution, chassis response, and safety to enhance the performance of the original, reinvigorate its character and soul."

Underneath, Everrati Signature has standard coilover suspension to improve handling, unique Brembo brakes with energy recovery, and a seam-welded monocoque chassis for added stiffness. Buyers have the option of installing Tractive adaptive dampers to deliver a better compromise between handling and comfort.

Inside, Everrati Signature has electric seats, new gauges, and a bespoke infotainment system from Porsche Classic. Purists may scoff at the idea of an all-electric Porsche 911, but we like it to the core. However, what we don't like is the price. How much? Everrati is quoting base prices at £250,000 ($354,450) plus taxes, and it doesn't include the price of a 964 donor car – which will ring you another £55,000 ($78,000).