Prior Design Portion Taycan Turbo S is gorgeous

Prior Design is a company that modifies electric vehicles to make them look cooler. Typically the company turns its talents towards modifying Tesla vehicles. This time out, the company has taken the very cool Porsche Taycan Turbo S and given it an external makeover worthy of the Porsche name.

The official name is Porsche Taycan Turbo S by Prior Design, and the red beauty has a beautiful widebody kit installed. With the body kit installed, the Porsche EV looks like some sort of GT4 racing car. The fender extensions go along with a massive rear spoiler that looks built for the racetrack.

Unless you look at the Prior Design vehicle alongside a stock Taycan, it's hard to tell everything that's gone into the vehicle. Along with the wide fenders, the car also has additional air openings in the front. The widebody kit makes the Taycan 60mm wider at the front and 100mm wider at the rear.

The car also wears more aggressive side skirts and large 22-inch multi-piece wheels. Both front and rear bumpers have attractive diffusers making the car look lower to the ground than it actually is. The company also notes that all of the body components can be made in carbon fiber.

For those who like the idea of customizing their Taycan, but feel like the body kit in the images is too much can get a milder version to be offered soon. That version ditches the wider fenders. Prior Design is mum on pricing, but this type of modification is never cheap. We can't help but wonder how the additional weight the body kit and the larger and wider wheels and tires will impact the driving range.