Dyson Teases New Product Trio With Fancy New Motor

British brand Dyson has sucked in the home and blown in public bathrooms, but now the design darling is teasing a mysterious new trio of products for launch in February. Official info on the new products is in very short supply, but according to a launch invite sent to Australian site Current, they'll be the culmination of seven years of development on a new digital motor.

The motor is the handiwork of forty engineers, so the invite claims, and runs at sixteen bars of pressure and with six of Dyson's own Helmholtz silencers. Judging by the exploded diagram it's a reasonably compact assembly, too, all coming together into a donut of sorts, though it's tough to judge scale.

Whispers to the Australian site claim the new products will be "primarily commercial" rather than domestic, in their focus, so think more along the lines of Airblade dryers than Dyson's cyclonic vacuum cleaners. Dyson has already flirted with heating and cooling with its "bladeless" fans, but this new super-quiet motor might find its way into a more serious air conditioner, perhaps, or even a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Dyson's Australian event is on February 19, though we're guessing that it has nothing to do with HTC's presumed M7 launch which is also scheduled for the same day. Still, the thought of a new HTC phone with a weather app that could not only tell your the forecast but forcibly blow the clouds out of the sky does have its appeal.

[via Guardian and via Develop3D]