Dyson Hot adds heat to Air Multiplier fans

Chris Davies - Sep 15, 2011, 3:32am CDT
Dyson Hot adds heat to Air Multiplier fans

Dyson’s distinctive Air Multiplier fan has spawned a new version, and this time it wants to keep you toasty warm rather than cool you down. The Dyson Hot uses the same bladeless fan technology as its predecessors – hiding the impeller in the base, and channeling the air up through the arched top section so as to remove buffeting and the chance of accidentally slicing into your fingers – but adds a ceramic heating element that, the company promises, adds up to the most efficient way of warming your room.

A clever airfoil-shaped ramp around which the air is channelled, and an oscillating base – that can be tilted – add up to quieter, more effective heating. There’s also no unpleasant burning smell, which you can get from traditional bar heaters. Meanwhile, the Dyson Hot can also work as a regular fan for cool air, too.

A remote control, for adjusting temperature, airflow and turning on and off the oscillation, is included. It’s also slightly bowed and magnetic, so that it can be safely stored on top of the Hot itself rather than getting lost down the back of your sofa.

Unfortunately, all this heating goodness doesn’t come cheap. The Dyson Hot AM04 is available now, priced at £269.99 in the UK and $399.99 in the US. It comes in both silver and black/blue finishes.

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