Dyson unveils small City DC26 vacuum

I never thought vacuums were cool or particularly wanted a vacuum for any reason. In fact, I didn't like using the vacuums I had. Once I bought a house with lots of hard floors and had messy kids the vacuum was suddenly a more important device. Being a gadget geek I naturally wanted the coolest and highest tech vacuum I could get, so I looked at Dyson vacuums.

The first Dyson vacuums were large and rather heavy even if they worked pretty well. Dyson has now unveiled a new vacuum cleaner called the City DC26 that is the smallest vacuum it has ever created. Apparently, vacuum god James Dyson has been designing the vacuum for five years.

The difficult part was making all the components inside the vacuum smaller while still providing the suction power of it full size brethren. The vacuum weighs 3.5kg and is set to hit the UK this weekend for £249.99. Presumably, it will hit America eventually.