DROID BIONIC Revealed In Full Hardware Photos [UPDATE: Videos Too!]

The mobile world has been waiting for a device which combines a dual-core processor with the speed of Verizon's 4G LTE network since CES this past January. It was at this Consumer Electronics Show that the DROID Bionic was originally revealed, a device which combined an unnamed dual-core processor with the ability to run at what Verizon was then noting was up to 10 times faster than 3G with their 4G LTE network. What we've got now is a mobile environment where LTE has been worked into three Android smartphones, dual-core processors are in more than five smartphones, but there's still no combination of the two – by the looks of the photos in this post, that's about to change very soon.

This same device was seen on the 5th of this month as well in two photos, one showing the front of the device with a battery charging symbol, perhaps pointing to the idea that it needs more than your average charge during a normal day, and another showing the device's display sitting next to the DROID Charge, showing its size to clearly be larger than the Charge's 4.3-inch screen, this indicating a 4.5-inch display that would content with the recently revealed Samsung Hercules, also known as T-Mobile's version of the Samsung Galaxy S II. The first of these two photos also indicates that the edges of the glass covering the display of the device could be curved slightly downward as is the trend in recent high-end smartphones utilizing the super-strong display cover known as Gorilla Glass.

Update: we've now got our own hands-on video and photos with the DROID BIONIC – check it out!


[vms 4fe3add32218f914c75a]

What the newest set of photos shows is again the possibility of curved glass on the front of the device as shown by the light hitting the front lower left of the device, as well as the Verizon logo in the lower right, Motorola in the center on the top near the speaker grill, an at least reasonably bright display, four Android buttons below, and a standard looking border around the whole screen. Along the left side of the device you'll see a recognizable microUSB and microHDMI post combination, this indicating that docks similar to that which we've seen on the Motorola ATRIX and Motorola PHOTON 4G will be in order – this same setup can be seen on the side of the recent DROID 3 just released on Verizon as well.

The right side of the device shows a simple volume rocker, and the back shows the same 8-megapixel camera we've seen in the past along with a speaker grille in the opposite corner, Motorola symbol, 4G LTE logo, Verizon logo, and "with Google" logo. All of this facing in a direction that indicates the device is meant to be held in a landscape mode, again, for docking purposes.

What do you think? Look like the Motorola device for you? Or will you be banking on the Samsung Galaxy S II with a possibility for no LTE? How about thinness? Everyone knows that the Samsung Galaxy S II is and will continue to be the thinnest smartphone on the market – does the bulk of the DROID Bionic turn you off? — Thanks for the tip Josh!

UPDATE: Additional FCC photos added in gallery below:

UPDATE 2: Videos now added to the fold courtesy of Android Community:

Unboxing and Apps Overview

Boot Screen, Lock Screen, Speed Test

Another Speed Test

CF Bench Benchmarking App

Settings and Quadrant Benchmarking App

LTE web-based video playback

Another Quadrant Benchmark

Live Wallpapers, Camera App, NFL Mobile App and video playback

1080p Video filmed WITH Droid BIONIC Inside Room

1080p Video filmed WITH Droid BIONIC Outside Overcast

1080p Video filmed WITH Droid BIONIC Outside Partly Cloudy

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