Canoo Pickup Is An All-Electric Truck That Looks Like No Other

Electric car startup Canoo has revealed a new EV pickup, aiming to both grab a share of the potentially lucrative zero-emissions utility segment and demonstrate its flexible platform at the same time. The automaker broke cover back in late 2019, with plans to offer a subscription 7-seater EV built atop a homegrown architecture it had big ambitions for.

Those ambitions started to become clear at the end of 2020, when Canoo revealed its electric delivery vehicle. Based on the same modular architecture as the initial passenger EV, the zero-emissions vans paired crisp-edged styling with lashings of practicality and up to 230 miles of range, depending on configuration.

Now, the next use for the skateboard architecture has been revealed, and like Tesla, Rivian, Ford, and others, Canoo has America's favorite segment in its sights. The Canoo pickup truck looks like a blend of the original EV and the company's van designs, at least until halfway back. At that point, there's a six foot long bed.

That can actually extend to up to eight feet – still fully enclosed – thanks to a pull-out bed extension. Deploy that, and a second set of tailgate doors, and you get space for up to a 4 x 8 foot sheet of plywood laid out flat. Canoo has designed it so the tail lamps are still functional, and the license plate visible. Dividers can be installed to split the bed into sections and help avoid items slipping around, and there's both overhead lighting and perimeter lighting around the edge of the bed.

At the front, the pickup has a frunk below the windshield, that has a fold-out worktable with electrical outlets. The sides of the bed have flip-down tables too, with two expandable depths, and access to power outlets. Canoo even built in a hidden step, integrated just ahead of the rear wheel arches, which pops out to make accessing the bed or optional roof-rack easier, while also acting as a lockable storage area for valuables like laptops and phones, and essentials such as a first aid kit.

Underneath it all is Canoo's multipurpose platform architecture, which effectively sandwiches together the motors, drive-by-wire steering and braking, suspension, batteries, and other electronics into a flat skateboard. For the pickup specifically, there'll be dual or rear motor configurations, with up to 600 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque. Canoo says range will be 200+ miles, and there'll be a vehicle payload capacity of 1,800 pounds.

All sides of the Canoo pickup have access to outlets for plugging in tools, camping gear, and other items. The automaker says that the EV's battery can keep those things running all day, with potentially as little as a 10-percent hit on overall range when driving.

As for those who want to go off-roading and stay out there, Canoo will offer a variety of camper shells complete with pop-up tents. There are tow hooks integrated into the front and rear bumpers, along with metal skid plates. Inside, meanwhile, there are two front seats and a customizable rear compartment, which can be outfitted with either seating for two more or be configured for other purposes.

Exactly what that might include – and important details like price – will be confirmed closer to the preorder books opening up. Canoo says it expects that to happen in Q2 2021, though deliveries won't begin until 2023 at the earliest. By then we'll have seen Ford's all-electric F-150, Rivian's R1T should have been on the road for some time, and electric pickups from other companies – not least the Tesla Cybertruck and GMC Hummer EV – should be available too.