BlackBerry A10 vs Z10 leaks show sizeable case change

The BlackBerry A10 is a rumored device that is said to be working with the BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system and being prepared by the company to do battle with the larger display-toting market that's swallowed much of the smartphone world. What we've seen thus far indicates the A10 to be working with a 5-inch display with 1280 x 720 pixel display resolution, a rather large bump over BlackBerry's current touchscreen hero device in the Z10 with its 4.2-inch panel.

What you're seeing in the leaked images above and below are not just the back casing for the A10 suggesting it has a removable battery, but the BlackBerry Z10 as well, so small it fits inside the back case in kind. This casing for the A10 also shows the machine to appear to bring on a bit more bulk that the Z10, but will be a bit more stylish in doing so with rounded edges.

You'll also find this back casing to indicate the USA-based mobile device carrier AT&T in its logo implementation. This simple addition of the AT&T globe has been appearing as such on devices of all kinds for some time, the most recent example being Samsung's Galaxy Note 8.0 4G LTE which SlashGear had a bit of hands-on time with earlier this week.

The BlackBerry A10 is said to be part of a multi-tiered second-wave attack with BlackBerry 10 by the company with the same name, this joined by another QWERTY device or two by the time 2014 is over. Expect the BlackBerry A10 to be released by the end of 2013 while more physical keyboard-bound devices begin to roll in at the start of next year.

Meanwhile you'll have the BlackBerry 9720 with BlackBerry 7 as well as the BlackBerry 10-toting chiklet keyboard-loving BlackBerry Q5 to keep you company.

VIA: C Technology