Back to the Future NIKE MAG self-lacing sneakers details emerging

Today NIKE has confirmed that the first-ever pair of real self-lacing NIKE MAG sneakers (from Back to the Future II) are out there. They're really, truly out there. Whether or not they'll actually be on sale any time soon is yet to be confirmed, but NIKE has been so kind as to say that the first pair is currently somewhere inside the confines of New York City. NIKE employees can expect their fair share of questions about these sneakers throughout the afternoon, without a doubt.

Nike has confirmed with several sources including CNBC and Mashable that the self-lacing version of the NIKE MAG are in New York City right this minute.

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This comes after a suggestion back in 2012 that the company would create the real-deal power laces version of the sneakers when they released the first limited edition MAG with lights aplenty. This next release will likely look very, very similar.

NIKE suggested the tiered release of these shoes back in 2011.

NIKE confirmed the existence of these power lace sneakers in 2014, as well.

When asked about the power laces version of the shoe earlier this year, Tinker Hatfield (designer of the shoe) said there was still several months left in the year – essentially confirming their existence once again.

Stay tuned as we find more details throughout the day. Until then, have a peek at the timeline below for news on the MAG over the past couple of years!