Rob Lea

Liverpool, United Kingdom
Open University
Science, Space, Physics
  • Rob is a science journalist in the United Kingdom whose articles have been published in Newsweek, Physics World, Live Science, and New Scientist.
  • He also contributes science communication pieces for journals publishers Elsevier and the European Journal of Physics.
  • A member of the Association of British Science Writers and the Institute of Physics, Rob was a fellow of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) in 2019.


Rob lives in Liverpool in the United Kingdom with his two children, three cats, and a pug. He decided to turn his love for science communication into a career and later turned to science journalism in order to share his passion for physics with the general public. Rob has been working as a science journalist for around 4 years following many years as a blogger. His favorite topics are black holes, dark matter, and quantum physics. Rob is also an avid comic book collector, science fiction lover, and horror fiend, and writes about these things at every opportunity.


Rob has a Bachelor's degree in physics, astronomy, and science communication from the U.K's Open University as well well as a journalism diploma from the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ).
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