Kiran Menon

Kerala, India
Karpagam College Of Engineering
Cars, Motorcycles, Automotive Engineering
  • Kiran has been working as a writer for three years.
  • He's written for popular automotive websites like VehicleHistory, CarIndigo, HotCars, and Low Offset.
  • Passionate about cars, Kiran went on to secure a bachelor's degree in automotive engineering and considers himself a true petrolhead.


Kiran may be relatively new to writing, but his passion for the automotive industry and a background in engineering have helped quickly establish him as a contributor to multiple outlets. He started his career as a full-time contributor for CarIndigo, and later went on to represent VehicleHistory as a freelancer. Today, he continues his freelance contributions and has since added popular automotive websites, HotCars and Low Offset, to his portfolio.


Kiran has a bachelor's degree in automotive engineering from Karpagam College of Engineering, an institution located in the coastal state of Tamil Nadu, India.
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