10 Most Luxurious Features Of The New Bentley Bentayga EWB

Bentley is not an everyday name in the American household. Usually associated with wealth and opulence, Bentley is the sort of brand you'd aspire to own, one that's reserved for the wealthiest one percent. The Bentayga, if you've not heard about it yet, is the brand's flagship SUV, or, as Bentley explains, "the first-ever go-anywhere luxury SUV offering the ultimate in power, luxury and usability." Normally, we'd be inclined to dismiss that as just marketing but, for the Bentayga, that's not the case. In fact, it does exactly what it says on the box.

Now, Bentley has taken the covers off the new 2023 Bentayga EWB or extended wheelbase. No, having a longer name did not make it any more affordable for the everyday driver. However, what the EWB has that its regular version does not are a host of luxury appointments ranging from Airline-esque seats to powered doors heated arm rests. Because, when you're looking for the most lavish Bentley off-roader around, why not aim for excess?

Well beyond the reach of us mere mortals, this super-expensive Bentley has a few party tricks that could leave you in absolute awe. Without further ado, here are the 10 most luxurious features found in the new 2023 Bentley Bentayga EWB.

Extraordinary levels of craftsmanship

Like all Bentley models, the level of detail here is beyond what most drivers could imagine. For the Bentayga EWB, the engineers gave the SUV an additional 7.0-inches of wheelbase, stretching the rear compartment to lounge-like dimensions (via Car and Driver). It also leaves the exterior looking even more dramatic.

Slip inside, and you are greeted to one of Bentley's signature interior treatments—the diamond quilted stitching. On the EWB, this sartorial exercise has gained a contemporary touch with help from precision digital tailoring. The symmetrical pattern at the top of the seat backs stretches the diamonds as they move away from the center line of the seats. The doors, on the other hand, feature an asymmetric pattern, highlighting the broader dimensions of the cabin.

Another unique aspect of the EWB's interior is the use of the Metal Overlay in Veneer. This is the first time Bentley is offering the option, and the design consists of individual brushed metal badges that are just 0.07 mm thick. You can see this "thinness" translating to the stitches as well, using finer threads and micro stitches–half the size of a regular Bentley stitch–to deliver a softer feel.

Quiet and effortless wafting

Bentley is synonymous with comfort and opulence. Not only did they ace that part, but they upped the effortlessness in the new EWB. It's not luxurious if it's not quiet, and the Bentayga is no exception. What you find under the hood is a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 churning out 542 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque, similar to prior Bentayga V8s. Power is sent to all four wheels via an 8-speed torque converter automatic, promising seamless shifts.

Having a 542 horsepower V8 may not sound like a recipe for hush, but that's where Bentley engineers have waved their magic wand. Pointing to research into the impact of traffic noise on wellbeing, Bentley says it made the SUV quieter by over 4% versus its competitors. With the help of Bentley's Dynamic Ride system, meanwhile, secondary vibrations are also isolated so as to keep passengers cosseted in utmost comfort and luxury. "At typical road speeds and in the crucial frequency range of 5 Hz to 20 Hz, the Bentayga EWB has up to 27% lower secondary ride vibration than its competitors," Bentley claims.

Powered doors for easy ingress and egress

Luxury can also be defined as not having to bother yourself with menial things. In the land of the rich, you don't make dinner yourself, nor do you make your own bed. Why, then, should you be driven in a car with doors that you have to close yourself? Bentley has thought about this, and the EWB introduces powered doors to the Bentayga. Pressing one of the two switches located on the rear center console does the trick. Or, your chauffeur can happily close the door for you without using much force, thanks to the soft-close function.

As for opening them again, the hefty slabs of metal and fine leather are also electronically assisted. For safety reasons, though, you have to keep your hand on the door handle, though assuming that precaution it can work regardless of the gradient (via Carwow). Owners may not want to wait patiently for their Bentayga's motorized doors to open automatically, but it should make life easier for the driver or valet as they approach.

Airline Seat package ups the luxe quotient

Another party piece inside this stately cruiser is the Airline Seat specification. As the name suggests, you get a business-class-style experience once you tick the option. Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, and BMW all have their own versions of such a system, but in the Bentayga the setup has been given the quintessential Bentley treatment. Part of this package are two world-first items: Auto Climate Monitoring and Postural Adjustment Seat. 

Those in the rear have two modes to choose between, Business and Relax. The latter offers maximum seat recline in addition to moving the front passenger seat forwards for maximum interior space. On top of that, a footrest— beautifully trimmed in carpet and leather, naturally—deploys from the front passenger seat back, elevating the in-cabin experience to a whole new level. The seatback reclines to a maximum of 40 degrees, and the rear occupant can control the seat position, angle, and other vehicle functions using the detachable touchscreen remote placed on the center console.

World's first Postural Adjustment seat

You cannot simply stretch a Bentayga: you need to bring more to the table, especially since the EWB is here to fill the shoes of the discontinued Bentley Mulsanne. The British marque is well aware of that and has equipped the EWB with the world's first rear seat with Postural Adjustment technology.

No luxury experience is complete without having massaging seats. However, the one you find in the Bentayga EWB takes things a step further. Part of the Airline Seat package, the Postural Adjustment seat works its magic by relieving pressure points around the body, preventing dead spots and fatigue. The last thing you want is to get out at your destination feeling tired from a long drive.

According to Bentley, the movements are virtually imperceptible to the passenger. You can select from three available settings: 'All areas of the seat', 'Twist' or 'Backrest only.' Bentley says the system uses thigh and shoulder pockets, plus additional lumbar massage pockets, to go beyond the two-dimensional range of motions typical of existing motorized seat technology. To ensure comfort is never compromised, six independent pressure zones can provide 177 adjustments every three hours, mitigating any form of fatigue build-up during your journey. (via Motor1)

Auto Climate Monitoring: Yet another world first

Automatic climate control is something we're used to. Bentley's second world-first for its seats, though, taps Auto Climate Monitoring to measure just how warm or cold your body is. An array of sensors precisely monitor the temperature of where you sit, and alter the seat ventilation automatically. In Bentley's own words, "the contact temperature and surface humidity are measured – cushion and backrest independently – and the heating and ventilation are adjusted to achieve the required temperature set by the rear passenger."

In simple terms, it's an advanced form of seat ventilation, one that's automated and controlled via inputs from the seat. Could you live without the sensors continuously monitoring your backside and adjust the temperature yourself? Of course, but true luxury is not having to do that yourself. That's before you get to the potential health benefits, too. Per Bentley, studies have shown reduced cognitive function as a result of body temperature falling below normal. They claim that sitting in a thermally balanced environment can reduce fatigue and irritability.

Rear door and center armrests with heating

Plenty of modern cars offer heated and cooled seats, some even have HVAC in the rear seats as well. Imagine you're the HVAC engineer/designer at Bentley, and you've been tasked to improve passenger comfort. You've already devised a butt-warming seat, an air ionizer to eliminate pollutants, and designed the HVAC fans to be as silent as they can be. What else can you cram in?

From a rear passenger's perspective, the only other touch points are the door and center armrests. Sure enough, Bentley engineers decided that having heated armrests is the way to go forward. You can have your armrests warm or at room temperature, meaning no more cool leather on those days you roll your sleeves up. Definitely not something you get in a Toyota Corolla

Equally lavish is the built-in air ionizer. The rear cabin has a separate air ionization system that creates a static charge around dust or allergens in the air, removing contaminants and thereby improving air quality. As far as uncommon luxury features go, Bentley's heated armrests are up there with the Roll Royce Cullinan's rear picnic seats and the Phantom's foam-filled tires

Champagne fridge for the well-heeled

Luxury is arguably incomplete without having a fridge in your car, and the Bentayga EWB is no exception to that norm. Increasingly popular in luxury cars, there's a champagne cooler sandwiched between the rear seats, just as long as you pick the ultra-opulent 4-seater layout first. Lit with glowing LEDs through the crystal, soft-open door, it's a reminder that though the Bentley SUV may be a driver's car too, sometimes it's far preferable to leave someone else at the wheel. 

In the refrigerator are two Cumbria Crystal champagne flutes and space for one bottle of the finest sparkling wine. Let your passenger indulge in the handcrafted excellence of the crystal flutes, while you savor the moment with a celebratory pop of the cork. What's more, bespoke flute holders are incorporated into the center armrest to prevent the drinks from spilling, should your driver need to hustle a little faster, and there's a separate bottle chilling ring–individually illuminated, naturally–to make top-ups even easier. 

Endless sensory pleasure with rear seat entertainment and premium audio

An optional item on the Azure edition and the regular EWB, the rear-seat entertainment package gets you two 10.1-inch screens for a fully immersive media experience. Rear passengers have the option to stream the contents of their mobile phones to the screen wirelessly. One can connect to the Bentayga's available internet hotspot to stream your favorite TV shows or simply browse around YouTube.

To keep plutocrat ears happy, there's a 20-speaker Naim for Bentley audio system with a full 1,720 Watts to play with. Naim's system comes standard in the Azure edition, but is an optional feature in the regular Extended Wheelbase. That said, the Bentayga's regular hi-fi, which we've sampled before, is by no means a bad system. Still, we can't imagine many buyers of this SUV would want to skip the prestige and performance of the more premium 20-speaker Naim unit.

Diamond Illumination and its visual sorcery

Bentley's Diamond Illumination is another example of technology and luxury colliding, with very pretty results. You'll find 12 LEDs on each of the front doors—along with 22 on each of the rear doors—that glow through small perforations in the leather trim on the panels. These lights work in conjunction with the rest of the interior ambient lighting to elevate the cabin ambiance at night.

The visual drama does not end there. You can choose from a variety of colors and can even change the intensity of the lights, and all this can be controlled in two ways: via the touchscreen remote found in the rear center console, or through the main infotainment screen up front. Like with so many of the interior features, the Diamond Illumination system is an option rather than being standard in the Bentayga EWB. After all, true luxury is being able to build the exact SUV that you really want.