AT&T 2011 Roadmap Leaks, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone Mango in tow

What we're looking at here is a completely unverified, yet generally believable roadmap that's been picked up by PocketNow which shows a whole handful of devices releasing on the USA ST&T network during the second half of 2011. This list includes a whole batch of Android phones, all of them running Android 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 Gingerbread, two BlackBerry 7 devices and two Windows Phone 7.5 Mango devices. Educated guesses abound!

This list contains Android devices mainly, including a device, first of all, called the Pantech Null. This device has an 800x600 pixel resolution display that's considered odd because the bulk of Android devices on the market today have a resolution of 800x480. Our sister site Android Community had a bit of information about a Vega No. 5, a Pantech device with 800x480 display – maybe they pulled it out a bit? There's also a Pantech device on the list called Pantech Onza P7050 with 800x480 pixel resolution – is this match enough for you? Last time we spoke about a Pantech / Android device it was the Pantech Crossover, a device which again Android Community has a full review of. That device was also released on AT&T.

Next there's the Samsung i777, a device whose specs could very well line up correctly with a variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II. Next there's the Samsung Gidim SGH-i927 which we're guessing is the Galaxy S II slider variant we found to < a href="" target="_blank">not be a replacement for the skinny as it should be AT&T version of the original Galaxy S II. Neither of the Samsung / Android devices named here are set for Q4, but we've got to still assume the Samsung Impulse 4G LTE will be coming out this year.

There's a Motorola MB865 "Fuath" that we're going to give an educated guess on and say that it's an ATRIX 4G refresh similar to what happened with the PHOTON 4G. This device could be called the ATRIX HD or Diana based on intel and photos of this possible future device. Finally for Android there's the Huawei Jengu U8652, a mid-range phone with mid-range specs.

Then we've got a couple of Windows Phone 7.5 Mango devices, the first of which is the Samsung Kupua SGH-i937 that we saw just this past month in a leaked video and an HTC Bunyip P139100 which we know little about but does appear to be a high-class phone indeed.

For BlackBerry 7 there's two devices, the first being the RIM BlackBerry Maero 9360 coming out with the smallest battery on the list at 1000 mAh making us believe that this 480x360 pixel resolution device must be a mid-range device. Then there's the RIM BlackBerry Danava 9860 which does appear to have a bit better of a set of specs with an 800x480 pixel display and a Q4 release date the same as the Maero.

Get pumped up! Also note the lack of an iPhone device here, but remember that its doubtful that Apple would allow such a slip.

[via PocketNow]