ASUS: our USB 3.0 is almost 75% faster than rivals

ASUS haven't been holding back from USB 3.0 adoption – we've already seen the next-gen high speed connector show up on their motherboards, Eee Box nettops, digital media players, netbooks and more – and now they're throwing in some fighting words along with it.  The company has basically said that not all USB 3.0 implementations are created equal, suggesting their motherboard chip can make data transmission almost 75-percent faster than rivals can manage.

The component in question is a PLX high-speed transmission chip, which ASUS say is responsible for boosting USB 3.0 speed by 74.38-percent over competing motherboards.  While the company doesn't specify the exact chip, we're guessing it's the same USB 3.0 product that PLX first announced in September last year.  USB 3.0 has a theoretical maximum throughput of 4.8 Gbit/s, though of course systems are unlikely to ever see that.