ARTA Mechanics works its magic on this Acura NSX Legavelo

Japanese tuner and racing team Autobacs Team Racing Aguri (ARTA) has reinterpreted the second-gen Acura NSX supercar, giving it an all-carbon GT-inspired body kit. First seen at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, ARTA's NSX Legavelo body kit is limited to only five units worldwide. And as with all things related to tuning an exotic hybrid supercar, it won't come cheap.

However, the ARTA Mechanics Legavelo is strictly a cosmetic upgrade. The only performance mod is a new quad-exhaust system, but don't expect it to be louder than stock. ARTA said the new exhaust is as loud as the stock unit, so don't expect more power from the NSX's hybrid V6 powertrain.

Instead, your money goes to all the bespoke carbon-fiber items to further hone the NSX's aerodynamic performance. ARTA has an NSX GT and NSX GT3 in its stable for the Japanese Super GT series, so the tuning firm applied its learnings to redefine how the NSX slices the wind.

The handcrafted Legavelo kit includes angular fenders with air vents, a new hood design, a bespoke rear spoiler, and a redesigned rear bumper housing those new center-mounted quad-exhaust tips. Also standard are unique forged aluminum wheels exclusive to all five buyers of the NSX Legavelo.

Meanwhile, the interior is resplendent in fine Alcantara and genuine carbon-fiber trim. ARTA has yet to divulge the weight figures, but we're pretty sure the Legavelo NSX is significantly lighter than stock, which means faster acceleration and better handling.

Equipped with a twin-turbo V6 gas engine, three electric motors, and Acura's Sport Hybrid SH-AWD drivetrain, the NSX is no slouch with 573 horsepower and 476 pound-feet of torque. If you have a 2019 NSX with a stiffer chassis, new software, and a tuned chassis, you can expect it to go two seconds faster around Suzuka Circuit than a 2018 model.

However, we have no word if the Legavelo aero kit applies to the NSX Type S, Acura's final hurrah for the NSX nameplate. It already comes standard with go-fast carbon-fiber exterior mods, but it has a more potent 600-horsepower hybrid powerplant.

So, if you have an NSX and you got $220,758 (£163,000 or ¥25.3-million) to spare, get in touch with ARTA quickly to reserve one of the five allocated build slots. Yup, the Legavelo body kit costs more than an actual original NSX ($169,500), but nobody said an exclusive build wouldn't cost a ton.