Apple WWDC 2011 development videos released

Apple has released all of its WWDC 2011 development videos, allowing those who weren't able to attend the conference earlier this month to catch up on the sessions and keynotes they missed. Footage of over 100 sessions is available, covering iOS and OS X development including details of the incoming iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion.

Apple used the WWDC 2011 keynote to introduce both platforms officially, with iOS 5 adding in support for the new iCloud service, a far improved notifications system for the iPhone and iPad, and iTunes Match. Meanwhile, OS X Lion – which will arrive in the Mac App Store for $30 next month – gets a whole load of new features, including a new Mail app.

The keynote video itself is already available to watch online, and our super wrap-up of the whole thing is here.

You'll need an Apple developer account in order to access the newly posted videos, though registration is free. More on our coverage of WWDC 2011 here.

[via Daring Fireball]