Apple vs Samsung patent trial verdict sees $290 million for the former

A new verdict has been reached in the Apple vs Samsung case, a verdict which has awarded the former with $290 million in damages vs the latter. This is the latest in the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung over patent issues surrounding devices such as the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S. Earlier last year we saw the first verdict in this case, one that awarded Apple more than 1 billion dollars in damages against Samsung. NOTE: The current adjusted total damages for Samsung ends up being approximately $888 million USD.

Several notes from today's deliberations have been shared by the likes of IDG News Service's Martyn Williams, each of them shared here. One asks a question of Apple's lost profits on the patent number 915 while another asks for a specific restaurant to deliver lunch. A third note asks for courtroom sketches of the jury – needless to say, this case has been strange in the scope of how it's being reported and covered.

This particular case segment saw Apple asking for a minimum of $380 in damages while Samsung suggested that they owned no more than $52 million, tops. As reported by Kevin Lee of Daily Journal Corp., the verdict read today reached a total of $290,456,793 in damages against Samsung in favor of Apple.

Judge Koh let both sides of the trial know that they had between 20 and 30 minutes to review the verdict before the jury would be allowed to leave the room. At this time it's expected that – with such a large sum in favor of Apple being part of the verdict – Samsung will likely move for an appeal. In other words – it's likely this case wont actually end for quite some time.

Have a peek at recent updates to this case in the timeline below. Apple and Samsung have been in court in some capacity or another now for nearly two years, and there appears to be no real end in sight. We'll continue to be on top of the subject through the future as well – stay tuned!