Samsung damages over 1 billion dollars vs Apple

In the Apple vs Samsung court case that's been taking place over the past three weeks here in the USA, it appeared that Samsung would be taking the heaviest damages as a 1 billion 51 million 855 thousand dollar damages verdict was delivered against them. Apple would have their side of the verdict read against them soon after Samsung's list of infringements against Apple's patents, but at the end of the first half, Samsung took the heat.

In SEA, STA, and SEC, Samsung was found of willful patent infringement in many, many cases. Damages were listed by device, each of them a Samsung wallet emptier here upon Samsung's very visible defeat.

• Infuse 4G: $44,792,974

• Prevail: $57,000,000+

• Mesmerize: $53,123,612

• Replenish: $3,350,256

• Transform: $954,060

And the list continued item by item until it was Apple's turn to see if there were any infringements on Samsung patents. These patents had (and have) to do with utility patents and will one way or another not nearly be as expensive for Apple as Samsung's damages have already been. This trial will almost certainly be seen as a major victory for Apple – stay tuned to SlashGear in our legal tag link to see the results as they continue to be unleashed.