Apple and Samsung back in court to determine damages for patent infringement

Apple and Samsung have been in court fighting each other over alleged patent infringement a number of times over the years. Back in August 2012, Samsung was found guilty of infringing on six patents owned by Apple. The jury awarded Apple one of the largest payouts ever given in a case of this sort for total of $1 billion.

The judge presiding over the case re-examined the $1 billion awarded by the jury and reduced the amount saying that the damages would require assessment at a new trial. Apple and Samsung are now back in court to have those damages assessed. According to Judge Lucy Koh, the original jury in California had incorrectly calculated some of the damages.

According to Koh, about $550 million of the original damages awarded had been calculated properly. However, she ordered the additional $450 million to be reassessed. The reassessment could mean the $450 million amount can be increased or decreased. Originally, Apple was seeking $2.5 billion in damages from Samsung.

Apple's argument during the original case was that Samsung had copied its designs for the body of the original iPhone and iPad as well as user interface elements such as the Apple bounce-back response when a person scrolls beyond the end of a list. The court hasn't yet ruled on the $450 million in damages in question and there's no indication of when a ruling might come.