Apple to expand offerings with T-Mobile USA per CEO

This morning it was revealed by T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere that the carrier "will expand what [T-MO] offers" from Apple. T-Mobile USA's CEO spoke with Ina Fried from AllThingsD on the matter, letting it be known that the carrier is doing exceedingly well with the iPhone since it launched in April of this year – the iPhone accounted for 21 percent of smartphone sales last quarter. Legere went on to suggest that T-Mobile will be carrying more than just the one line or products in the near future.

Since the iPhone expanded beyond AT&T back in January of 2011 with the Verizon iPhone 4, it's been big news whenever a mobile carrier has been able to team with Apple to bring a new product to their wireless lineup. Back then it was Verizon's CEO Lowell C. McAdam that announced the first appearance of the iPhone with the Big Red carrier, inviting Tim Cook himself (COO at the time) to the stage to bring about the launch.

Fast forward to April 13th of 2013 and T-Mobile's iPhone sales exceeded all expectations with the iPhone 5. Based on this and the fact that the quarter just reported by T-Mobile kept the company excited about the device, it should come as no surprise that more products are coming in soon.

"I think there's a whole array of Apple products that we look forward to carrying. We will expand what we offer from them." – T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere

This could mean a lot of different things, of course, with everything from the next-generation iPad 5 to the iPhone 5S to a reboot of the iPad mini (as tipped in leaked factory images, one of which is shown below.)

There's also the iPhone 5C (aka the budget-minded plastic-backed iPhone) to think about and the possibility of non-mobile devices appearing with the carrier. Such a thing would be strange, but not unheard of. Which Apple product do you think T-Mobile will work with next?