Apple Store down: here's what to expect

In typical fashion, the online Apple Store is down to make room for some new products. Apple is giving its opening keynote today at WWDC 2013 where it's expected that the company will out a refreshed line of MacBooks, including updated MacBook Airs, Pros, and everything in between. There's also word on new Mac Pros, as well as OS X 10.9 and iOS 7.As far as hardware is concerned, the Retina-equipped MacBook Pro is said to be getting even slimmer, and the entire MacBook Pro lineup will receive improved cameras, as well as new Intel Haswell processors that will most likely also show up in the MacBook Air. We could also be seeing updated Mac Pros with Haswell chips as well.

On the software end, it's almost definite that we'll see iOS 7 and OS X 10.9 make an appearance. iOS 7 is rumored to have a completely overhauled user interface with a flatter, more minimalistic look and feel, but hopefully Apple will also put in some new features that we've been begging for. Oh, and it's expected that Apple will unveil their own streaming music service.

Of course, though, there will also be products that Apple most likely won't announce during the keynote later today, including a new iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Those products usually come in the fall, and we'd be extremely surprised if the company dished out a new mobile device today. With that said, it seems like we won't be expecting any surprises today, as most of the rumors have us prepared for whatever Cupertino throws at us. We'll be liveblogging the keynote in its entirety, so make sure to follow along to stay updated!