Apple Possibly Planning All New Mac Product

Straight from the horses mouth – the one that lives in Japan and isn't exactly officially connected with Apple in any way, thusly a whole different breed, as it were, comes word that Apple will be releasing a Mac that's "absolutely different from current products." The source for this information is a group that also successfully predicted the March release of the iPad 2. What we're expecting is that IF a whole new product is released, it could be a touch-central desktop computer to make use of the newest Mac OS Lion's ability to push and pull in all directions for gesture-based action all day long.

The report here suggests that this new product to be released before the end of 2011 will be so very different from products of the past that it'll be given a whole new name. Will there be an "i" in it? Will it be a Mac? Perhaps it'll be an inductive charging tower better than any we've seen in the past, ready and willing to work with the iPhone 5! Maybe it's something that'll allow all future products to have integrated projectors for off-the-wall images galore.

Here's another possibility that's a little bit less likely: hover sensing for all products. Perhaps they'll be changing the name of the mouse to allow multitouch gestures and etcetera on a miniature display. Strange! How about the 3D future of things in Apple products – a possibility? What I'd put my cash on is something to do with touches and gestures up the wazoo, whatever it is.