Apple expanding Target collaboration to mini-store outlets

Thought Apple is already sitting pretty inside Target stores across the nation inside hyper-controlled displays which noone can touch, they've been tipped to be expanding to store-within-a-store inside the year. According to a source speaking with Apple Insider, Apple is planning on operating Apple-branded mini stores inside 25 larger Target stores throughout the nation later this year. Visitors of the 1,000+ Best Buy stores across the USA may already have noticed similar miniature Apple stores inside the warehouses there – this would be something very similar inside what your humble narrator so lovingly calls the Big Red Living Room.

You'll recall, if you're an avid SlashGear reader, that I've been writing several articles in the past few months about Target and how they could improve their mobile-minded tech section of their stores in many various ways. What I've been concentrating on is Android tablets since even though it may appear that they're selling some, the fact of the matter remains: Apple is already doing it better. Now with a retail expansion inside Target to a full fledged min-store, the rest of the mobile showing for Android, Windows Phone, and the rest, wont stand a chance. They'll stand much less of a chance than they did before, that is.

Apple already had not only its own special stands for their iPods and their iPads under plastic, they had (and still have) spots in the smartphone section that CLEARLY dominate the competition with central viewing and twice the space for showing. Apple is set to continue the domination here with a miniature store that's not only curated to the level they desire, but will newly allow people to actually play around with the devices they so obviously need to buy. While this may seem novel to those of you who have Apple stores in their area (we have three!), these new stores will sit in areas that otherwise wouldn't be able to sustain a real deal gigantic sized Apple store on its own.

[via Apple Insider]