Apache Wave reboots Google's collaborative tool in open-source Incubator

It really is turning into a Google week, what with the Nexus S, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Google Maps for Mobile 5.0, a Honeycomb Motorola tablet and the promise of Chrome OS news today, but there's also confirmation that the Apache Wave project will indeed be going ahead. Submitted for potential open-source inclusion in late November, Google's ill-fated Wave has been accepted and there's work already underway to bring the new project – and Wave in a Box – up to speed.

That includes "significant improvements to the wave panel, visual enhancements to the login pages, gadgets hooked up and working, improved development set-up and documentation, and a draft HTTP transport for wave federation" according to Google Wave software engineer Alex North. There's a considerable amount of documentation and video about the project here, so if you've been pining for Wave since its untimely demise, head on over to get going.

Wave in a Box architecture: