Android 2.3 SDK Released, Download Now [Video]

For Android users, waiting for an update can be an event in of itself. Especially when it's an update that has generally brought plenty of rumor, and anticipation all the way up to its official release. While Gingerbread may not be the biggest release in Android's history, it's certainly an update that many people have been craving. And, with Samsung's Nexus S device official, Google has pulled the curtain off the Android 2.3 update.

Better known as Gingerbread, Google has brought plenty of updates with the latest firmware version. First and foremost, there's an improved overall look to the general User Interface, There's also integrated support for Near Field Communications, and what some people have wanted all along: Internet calling. The end-user will also have a better grasp on power management, which should allow owners to keep their Android-based devices, running Android 2.3, alive for a little bit longer.

Furthermore, Google has also made improvements to the way that applications are run on the updated Operating System, and have made improvements for the user to control them better. The end result should be a handset that users have more control over, especially which applications are running versus those that aren't, as well as conserving battery life when they need to.

Check out Google's introductory video for Android 2.3 below. And head through the source link to find the SDK available for download.

Stay tuned in the coming days, as both SlashGear and Android Community will have their own hands-on time with the device.

[via Android Development; via Android Community]