Angry Birds Space teased, may land with Galaxy S III

The next generation of Angry Birds is right around the corner – a phrase we could say basically any day of the month. But this time it's true insofar as they've announced a brand new concept: Angry Birds Space. This will be an entirely separate game just like Angry Birds Seasons is separate from Angry Birds Rio, and not one whole heck of a lot of information has been revealed thus far. There's a very short teaser out already, and the logo has dropped, but other than that, we're expecting lots of gravity modifications.

Samsung fans will also note that the 22nd of March is also the day that the Samsung Galaxy S III has been tipped (though denied in kind) to come out – so a possible cross-release may well be in order. Can you imagine Angry Birds in outer space on a Galaxy from Samsung? It's certainly not the first time they've worked together on a release. Have a peek at the teaser video they've released already, straight from Rovio:

You can also head to to see the slingshot on the moon that you see above, and note the gigantic lens flare that shows up if you highlight it. Source code on the site reveals an imminent change back to a non-teaser state for the site in which sharing links and page links to Rovio are once again in place ala We'll expect this game to be release on Android, iOS, and desktop for Mac at the end of March. For now – think of the possibilities!