Abarth 1000 SP Roadster Gets Green Light For Limited Production

We first caught a glimpse of the magnificent Abarth 1000 SP Roadster in May of last year, a one-off build to commemorate the illustrious racing history of the 1966 Fiat Abarth 1000 Sport Prototipo. Based on the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, the 1000 SP Roadster has a similar carbon-fiber chassis tub and a mid-mounted turbocharged four-cylinder engine as the donor car.

However, we previously thought the 1000 SP Roadster would remain a one-off concept build since the Alfa 4C went out of production in 2020. But in a recent Facebook post by Auto Italia Magazine, Abarth Classiche has confirmed that Fiat has given the green light to produce five limited-edition examples of the 1000 SP Roadster.

It will still use the Alfa 4C's platform, including the aluminum subframes, carbon-fiber tub, and a turbocharged 1.75-liter four-cylinder engine mounted in the back. However, the 1000 SP receives an all-carbon-fiber body to make it lighter than the production 4C Spider.

Last October, Abarth debuted the 1000 SP Roadster prototype at the Auto e Moto d'Epocca show in Padua, Italy, where the automaker got "expressions of interest" from potential clients. It's interesting to point out that the 1000 SP's vintage-inspired design cues date back to 2009 when Abarth was developing its newest sports car. However, Fiat repurposed Abarth's design to produce the Alfa Romeo 4C.

Roberto Giolito and his team of brilliant designers at FCA Centro Stile were responsible for penning the prototype's distinctive bodywork. And as expected, the styling is brimming with tributes to the original Abarth 1000 Sport Prototipo, like those tiny, rounded headlights, stepped cockpit glass, unique air vents, an exposed roll bar, and center-mounted exhaust tips.

Each of the five limited-edition models will start below £200,000 (roughly $225,876), and production will commence this 2022. In addition, Auto Italia Magazine claims the new car will wear the Abarth Classiche badge. We'll know more on the Abarth 1000 SP once the February 2022 issue of Auto Italia hits the stands this January 6.