35% Of People Would Most Want To See This Celebrity Superyacht In Person

Superyachts are a ridiculous luxury enjoyed only by the world's most wealthy. That said, some of these extraordinarily expensive personal yachts belong to well-known names like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Jeff Bezos, and Steven Spielberg. Even if you aren't a fan of any of these ultra-wealthy individuals, it's difficult to argue their luxury yachts — including Jeff Bezos' Y721, which rises to nearly 417 feet (that's nearly 42 stories!) — would be overlooked by someone with an interest in nice things. Many of these yachts, such as Steven Spielberg's Seven Seas, include gorgeous staterooms, jacuzzi lounges, poolside bars, offices, and even personal gyms and saunas. Not to mention, they feature multiple hyper-powerful engines with horsepower ratings in the mid-thousands. Michael Jordan's $80 million superyacht, Joy, even features 270-degree panoramic views in its master suite.

Don't kick yourself for feeling envious here. It's reasonably unlikely any of us would be able to afford such splendors — for instance, Tiger Woods' superyacht only cost him $20 million, and that's still shockingly cheap in comparison to the others mentioned earlier. We were curious to find out exactly which superyacht the general public would be most interested in visiting, given the chance, and the data we received after surveying 592 random people across the United States may potentially surprise you.

Sailing the Seven Seas

We set out to gather our own data, so we asked exactly 592 random individuals in the U.S. which celebrities' superyachts they'd most want to visit in person. Many big names made the top of the list, including Michael Jordan's Joy, Jeff Bezos' Y721, Tiger Woods' Privacy, and Steven Spielbergs' Seven Seas. The results are pretty unexpected, especially for anyone operating under the assumption that the general public will most likely want to see the most expensive (and potentially most novel) superyacht on the list.

Out of our 592 respondents, only 25.68% voted in favor of checking out Jeff Bezos' eye-watering $500 million Y721 mega yacht. This equates to roughly 152 votes. It was only second to Tiger Woods' $20 million Privacy yacht, which came in at 8.28% (49 votes). The top scores went to Michael Jordan's $80 million Joy superyacht with 30.74% of the vote (182 votes) and Steven Spielberg's $150 million Seven Seas yacht at 35.30% (or 209 votes).