The Most Extravagant Features Of Tiger Woods' $20 Million Luxury Superyacht

When you're a billionaire athlete like Tiger Woods, owning a fancy superyacht comes with the territory. The 15-time major winner is the owner of a 155-foot luxury yacht he bought in 2004. The yacht is aptly named "Privacy," and is reported to have an eye-watering $20 million price tag.

Woods is known to stay on his yacht during various golf tournaments. In an interview, he told Business Insider that the yacht gave him a needed break from the tournament and helped to avoid traffic chaos when traveling to the competition. Over the years, the vessel has been frequently seen docked in New York whenever he competes at PGA championship events on Long Island, or in the Bahamas where he hosts his annual golf tournament, Hero World Challenge, on the capital island of New Providence. When he's not traveling, the vessel is usually found at his home base in Jupiter, Florida.

An inside look at Privacy

Privacy is a bit smaller compared to other superyachts owned by wealthy celebrities such as Steven Spielberg or business tycoons like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (who allegedly is going to be the owner of the world's largest sailing yacht). Business Insider once reported that a journalist had teasingly asked Woods if he felt weird about his yacht not being the "biggest yacht in the yard." Woods cheekily responded: "I'm not opposed to that."

Nevertheless, it is still an impressive luxury yacht that features three decks and is powered by twin 1,800-horsepower engines. As expected, it comes with all the amenities that a boat of its caliber has. It comfortably fits 10 to 12 people plus nine crew members on board. Additionally, this high-class cruiser has cherry woodwork in its interior.

There is lots of entertainment for everyone on board as well. Reports say that the deck has a large jacuzzi that fits up to eight people, a VIP stateroom with two queen-size cabins and a twin cabin bar, a personal gym, and even an inflatable decompression chamber for scuba diving (via USA Today). Besides that, it also comes with a garage to fit jet skis, motorized scooters, and kayaks to have some ocean fun for both Tiger Woods and his guests.