The Polestar Electric Roadster Is The Concept We Hope Makes Production

Swedish EV brand Polestar made quite an impression at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed. It showcased the Polestar 5, a four-door all-electric sports sedan with the performance merits of a hard-tuned supercar. We first caught wind of the Polestar 5 as the Precept Concept in 2020. Polestar is shaping up to be the most desirable EV brand from a styling perspective. What's more, the Polestar 5 could arrive in showrooms by 2024. If the rumors are correct, it could have up to 884 horsepower and 663 lb-ft of torque from its high-strung electric powertrain, more than enough numbers to make any supercar — electric, hybrid, or otherwise — take notice.

However, what stood out at Polestar's booth in Goodwood is the magnificent O2 Concept electric roadster, the future of premium electric sports cars. It rides on a similar bonded aluminum platform as the Polestar 5, but it has two doors instead of four to deliver that coveted Grand Touring roofless sportscar vibe.

Polestar O2 Concept: Gorgeous Inside and Out

Yes, we said roofless — since the Polestar O2 Concept is a 2+2 roadster with a removable glass roof, and it looks incredible from any angle, with or without the top. The shapely body is thankfully devoid of racing-inspired appendages to tame the airflow. Polestar designers optimized the aerodynamics with subtle touches like integrated aero ducts in the wheel arches and uniquely-shaped taillights that function as "aero blades" to reduce drag. Meanwhile, the O2 Concept's bonded aluminum unibody only utilizes labeled aluminum for easier recyclability.

The initiative toward sustainability is also evident inside the O2 Concept. The cabin is resplendent in eco-friendly mono materials like 3D knit fibers from recycled polyester and non-woven lamination using foam and adhesive. Polestar claims using a single base material (or mono-material) for different parts and components reduce waste while increasing circularity during manufacturing and recycling. The brilliant thing is Polestar did it without compromising the cabin's premium look and feel, and it does seem the O2 Concept is an excellent steed for a quiet, luxurious, and sporting Sunday drive.

It has a drone (no kidding)

We admit the feature that made us drool over the Polestar O2 Concept is the drone that deploys from behind the car. Polestar co-developed the drone with Hoco Flow, which deploys from behind the rear seats (even while driving) via an aerofoil parking bay. Sure, this kind of thing could not make it to production, but it does show the endless possibilities that await drivers and auto enthusiasts in future electric cars.

The drone can follow the vehicle at speeds up to 56 mph and flies through the air autonomously as you drive. Of course, the drone has unique cameras to capture the sights, and the driver can command it to snap wide-angle or sweeping photos using the infotainment touchscreen. "Integrating an autonomous cinematic drone was something that allowed us to push the boundaries on the innovation front. Not needing to stop and off-load the drone before filming, but rather deploying it at speed, is a key benefit to this innovative design," said Maximilian Missoni, Polestar Head of Design.

After indulging in your EV's kickass drone, the thing docks automatically, and you can stream the images and video clips from the O2 Concept's 15-inch touchscreen powered by Android Automotive. It sounds like the Polestar O2 Concept is an automotive YouTuber's dream come true, and it's a concept car we wish could make it to production sooner than later.